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ZPG vacuum rake dryer is a complete dynamic dry mixing effect
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ZPG vacuum rake dryer mainly adopts jacketed conduction heat transfer inside the cylinder be dry material complete dynamic drying under stirring. Suitable for a small amount of dry, not high temperature resistant and easy to oxidation and heat sensitive mud, paste, powder material, moisture content of 15% to 15%. And the solvent can be recycled.

ZPG vacuum rake dryer is mainly composed of shell, the axis of rotation and tine. Unlike the blade type dryer, vacuum rake dryer rotation axis and tine is not as the heating surface, it is only as the stirring effect on the surface of the material and update. Vacuum rake dryer works, first add the wet material in the dryer, within the jacketed bubbled into the heating medium (for steam or hot water can also be used commonly heat-conducting oil), and then start the vacuum pump

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